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Type of events

Hog Roasts or Fire Pit BBQ

Plated Service – Formal with waitresses, restaurant style

Informal Dining – The Chef serves you in a laid back dining environment

Classy Buffet Style

Picnic Hamper or Table Style Service

Finger food
Ideal for buffets, BBQ’s or fine events

BBQ moroccan lamb skewers with ras al haunt spice and roasted peppers

Rare peppered fillet tail carpaccio with horseradish creme Fraiche

Lemon, rosemary and fennel marinated pork cutlets

Sweet chilli, lime and coriander giant prawns with Asian salad

Dirty bourbon BBQ chicken wings

Peri peri chicken mini fillets with cob slaw

Chimmicurri steak with watercress

Baby mozzarella wrapped in Basil with cherry tomato skewer

Baby fish and chips with watercress mayo

Aged cheddar, smoked haddock and curry fish cake

Slow cooked chicken tagine in chicory

Feta and lentil filo parcels

Hummus, pesto and tappanard croutes

Pulled pork with apple slaw in crispy pancakes

Figs with dolchelatte cheese and Parma ham

Salt and pepper calamari with roasted garlic mayo

Charred asparagus with mozzarella wrapped in pancetta

Pigeon and black pudding with apple and thyme compote

Fire pit or BBQ’d meat

Pancetta and steak burgers with American mustard

Mini honey glazed merguez sausages

Chorizo, apple and chicken skewers

Pork and black pudding sausages

Venison and black sticks blue burgers

Wild boar, chilli, chorizo and red pepper burger

Lamb burger with mint, candied dates and apricot

Pulled pork burger

Flat iron steak

Sirloin steak

All burgers can be made to any size either party 3oz or normal 6-8oz

Fire pit or BBQ’d fish

Charred swordfish, papaya and chilli salsa

Whole gambas prawns with parsley chilli and garlic

Sea salt crusted king scallops with lemon and fennel

1/2 Sides of balsamic, mint, chilli and lime sugar basted salmon

Octopus slow cooked Thai style

Tiger prawns with garlic butter

Canapé style food

Black pudding scotch eggs

Chicken liver parfait with pressed apple jam

Confit duck and foie gras rillette

Ham hock and pea soup with Parma ham foam

Beetroot and feta parcels

Chorizo and goats cheese tartlet

Mini Yorkshire pudding with rare beef ‘n’ rocket

Lemon grass and ginger tempura prawn